Religious Vocations

Diocese of Cleveland

Benedictine Fathers

OSB_LogoSt. Andrew’s Abbey is a part of the Order of St. Benedict and was founded in 1922 with monks from St. Procopius Abbey in Lisle, IL.

Motto through which we live out our Charism: Ora et Labora and Pax:

“Let them prefer nothing whatever to the love of Christ. And may He bring us all together to everlasting life!” ~ Rule of Benedict, Ch. 72

Lived in our mission and ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland:

communal prayer and life, parish ministry, education (Benedictine High School), chaplains, spiritual direction

Unique aspect of community:

We take vows of obedience, stability, and conversion of life.  Benedictines take vows to the community as well as the abbot.

The Benedictine Monastic tradition began with St. Benedict in the 6th century.  Monastic houses while typically part of congregations are also independent of each other as part of the vow of stability.

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