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This page has been created to thank the religious who have impacted our life. The work of religious for over a century has made a deep impact on the hearts and minds and faith lives of the Diocese of Cleveland.

In sharing our personal gratitude for the gift and ministry of religious a great encouragement of this vocation as well as the affirmation of those who have served for decades will come about.

Please feel free to add your words or messages of thanks to a particular religious who has transformed your life or to a religious community who has inspired you in some way.   During the Year of Consecrated Life let us celebrate our orders so that Cleveland faithful may be able to listen, look and see the impact of religious life on the growth and history of our diocese.

Please list your spiritual affirmations to the religious who have impacted your life.

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Walter Zacharias Walter Zacharias wrote on February 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm:
Fr. Willard Wiesler was our asst. at Ascension of Our Lord Parish, (Cleveland, Ohio) when I was in grade school, 1953-61. I was a Mass server, and he would always end up the service with a "Thank you, gentlemen" in the sacristy afterwards. He always made you feel important. During his youth he tested the rides, and worked at a local amusement park, as a summer job, while in school to be a priest. He, later, would take groups of our teen club for rollerskating parties, where he would skate backwards the entire time so as to be able to talk with us kids directly! What a great gift to have as an example.
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